What if we make a big move for the Galvao Bird? Yes, of course we can tweet it around and donate the 0.10$ cents to the Galvao Birds foundation and we need to continue doing that. But what if we do something that really gets the world attention?

I mean, we need to do a Flash Mob. I was thinking of that and I realize that if everybody make a little effort for the Galvao Bird, than, the world will know that they need to be saved.

The idea is pretty simple.

At 6 pm at your local time, you get everybody you know and choose a point at your city, neighborhood, I don’t know, just call everyone you know and everybody starts shouting CALA BOCA GALVAO and shake your arms like wings. It would get the attention of the big press, and maybe the big companies, and maybe, I said just maybe, we would save the Galvao Birds.


At 6PM in your local time
20th of june
Go out, Shake your arms
Let’s save the Galvao Bird



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    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Alexandrina Macedo, Cinthia Emerich. Cinthia Emerich said: At 6PM in your local time, 20th of june. Go out, Shake your arms, SHOUT IT OUT LOUD: CALA BOCA GALVAO!!! […]

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    horacio batista said,

    o Galvão é um merda

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    […] também chegaram a combinar um flash mob (manifestações instantâneas marcadas pela web), no qual todos devem gritar […]

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