Galvao Birds Foundation TKS

The Galvao Birds Foundation would like to thank you all for helping out to save our precious but endangered bird.
Only three days of twitter campaign were enough to raise almost 1 million dollars, yes almost 1 million, but this still not enough. Looks like our big move haven´t got the attention of those who can help a lot with a little effort.
While we are doing it right, tweeting and generating the amount of 10 cents in donation to the Galvao Birds Foundation, there´s still much more to be done. Illegally, everyday, more than 10 Galvao Birds are taken away from Amazon forest.
That must be the reason why 10 years ago the Amazon used to be infested with Galvao Birds, and now there are only cataloged and remaining, less than 3 hundred living in freedom.
We need to create a big enviroment to help these birds, protecting them from natural and unnatural threats. We are unlucky to be a foundation with lack of resources, and the people and equipment to start building this new complex for the Galvao Birds would cost at least 5 million dollars.
So what must we do?
First of all there is now a new tweet for donations to the Galvao Birds Foundation – Don´t kill the birds – in allusion to the song that will be soon released by the worldwide famous singer lady gaga (You may watch covers and the demo version on youtube).
Second: we have to make a worldwide flash mob to get the attention of the biggest authorities. The Galvao Bird is disappearing not only because our lack of resources, but also because of the governments not caring at all. Illegal traders are working in freedom, and that must not continue.
Help us tweeting around – Don´t kill the birds – and organize your own flash mob following these orientations


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  1. 1 <- Gaga's Oficial Poster for Galvao Birds

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